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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Pathetic Golf World

After seeing this week's issue, I can't believe I took their Golf World's side in their dispute with the LPGA. I'll tell you why.

Karrie Webb won a major Championship last Sunday. So is she on the cover? NO, Phil Mickelson is. If a golfer wins a major, they should be on the cover. Unfortunately, GW has had a bad habit of doing this in the past. Mickelson wins by a bundle against a B Class field in Atlanta. That's why he is on the cover. Its just mind boggling.

If that wasn't enough Ron Sirak and GW also fell for the 35th anniversary hoax that I pointed out a week ago. So besides a bad cover choice, Golf World magazine can't count.

They call themselves a golf weekly and an public relations firm denies me press credentials saying I am not a real journalist. The real journalists seem to not give a hoot about the LPGA and can't do fifth grade math either. Sheesh!

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