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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

911? There's a squirrel stuck in the tree

Just one of the many things people dial 911 about-

"What's the problem?" said [911 operator Vernetta] Geric, 46, of East Pittsburgh.

"I have a large tree in my backyard ... there's a squirrel stuck in the tree."

"Ma'am, this is a squirrel? In a tree? What's the problem?"

"It's been there for about an hour. It's crying; it needs help. There's a problem," the caller insisted.

"Ma'am, sorry, but this isn't necessarily a police issue. It's a wild animal, sitting in a tree. It's supposed to be doing that. The squirrel will be OK. It'll climb down when it's ready," Geric said.

"Are you telling me you're not sending me an officer?"

"Sorry ma'am, this isn't a police issue. An officer wouldn't be able to do anything. The squirrel will be just fine, really."

"But police officers help people in need right?"

"Yes, ma'am. Squirrels are not people."

"Well, never mind, anyway. You've spent so much time explaining why an officer won't help me, the squirrel left. Thanks."

You would think people wouldn't make calls like this or think 911 was a public information line as the article details. Then again TFM has had few problems locating knuckleheads for his daily awards. Today I had at least three solid candidates plus the winner.

As my late father used to say- "It takes all types of people to make up the world and if you live long enough you'll meet every single one of them."

Hat tip- Ann Althouse
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