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Monday, January 09, 2006

Four cents

Blogging has been light today for a variety of reasons. I was busy running errands today. This afternoon I'm busying myself catching up with my correspondence chess games. I got 11 postcards in today's mail.

Four cents. That's how much I used to pay to mail a postcard 32 years ago when I began playing C. Chess. Yesterday the latest rate hike took place, now to mail a postcard it takes 25 cents.

I know inflation drives prices up.(What can you get for four cents today? Anything?) Don't the postal service realize these rate increases drive more and more people to email. I played probably 1 postal game in 20 via email 6 years ago. Today its getting close to 2 out of 5. When 81-year-old C Chess players start going to email, you know the post office is fighting a losing battle.

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