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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A blogger's Convention?

Jim Lynch at Bright & Early is asking for people to brainstorm with him on just that.

The other idea I have is still in it's infancy. I've already sent out a call for help to several people who's opinion's I value, and many of them have been kind enough to reply. Now I'm casting the net out further and asking for everyone's input (that means you).

The concept is a conference for right of center bloggers. At this point I'm looking for any and all suggestions, ideas, criticisms, critiques, and good old fashioned brain-storming. But first let me lay out what I have in mind.

The basic idea is a convention/conference/get together for bloggers where we can share ideas, sources, tips, and of course just meet and have some fun

My thought on a time for this is early August of this year. That should be an acceptable time for those with families, and still allow enough time for planning and implementation.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday is my suggestion for a time frame with some options for those who would like to come in earlier or stay later.

Sessions would cover technical aspects, writing, promotion, and anything else we can come up with.

The ideal would be to come up with some high profile keynote speakers for the topics above for group and break out sessions.

Of course there would be some free time to meet one another and to take advantage of the things to do in the area.

That just scratches the surface, I know. I encourage all of you to leave your comments, or shoot off an email to lakelandjim at-thingy gmail dot-thingy com (just replace the thingies. You know how). I've also set up a blog for this on blogspot.

If you would visit and/or point others to: Blog Conference 2006 it would be a big help in getting this going.

I don't have any suggestions or advise for Jim. TFM has never pretended to be smart or imaginative. I'm sarcastic, bad tempered and masochistic but smart seldomly. However I do wish Jim good luck, and if anyone out there has input on this idea, to go visit Jim's website set up specifically for this convention idea. Click here.

If the convention is in Florida I'll attend. Jim is a Florida blogger and I'm guessing that's where it would be held. On the other hand, who wants to come to Florida in August?

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