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Sunday, January 08, 2006

"Arrogant idealogues who think they're never wrong."

That's what Palm Beach Post Editorial page editor Randy Schultz wrote today in his column attacking Governor Jeb Bush's support of the voucher program recently ruled unconstitutional by the Florida Supreme Court.

As one of the readers at the Post's blog, The Listening Post points out, this is maddeningly funny coming from a never wrong ideologue himself. The Post really should put this at the top of their editorial page masthead.

Schultz also writes-

Fortunately, it appears that last week's ruling also could apply to the corporate voucher program, which has even less accountability than the double-F vouchers. Many articles in The Post have exposed problems -- some of them criminal -- at the private schools that get corporate vouchers. Yet Gov. Bush and the Legislature have refused to enact any sort of meaningful accountability for the program that runs on money that could go to public schools.

So, during the session that begins in March, those 2.5 million public school students won't be a priority for the governor, the Republican leadership of the Legislature and the Republicans who want to succeed Gov. Bush. Their priority will be those 700 students.

Mr Schultz easily forgets there is mismanagement all around. How about that hundreds of millions dollar School construction bond issue approved in the mid 80's? Much of the money went to other things like teacher salaries. The Post railed against this misuse ten years ago but conveniently forgets it then.

If you want more recent examples of school boards wasting money, click here.

Mr. Schultz lost in his ideology doesn't see the fact that these 700 students will now have to go back to failing public schools. As John Tierney wrote at the NYT yesterday, its poor students or blacks like Adrian Bushell that lose from this decision.

Its about more than 700 students. Its about getting children a proper education. In addition to the 700, how about all those other children in failing schools who didn't get these vouchers and never will? They still aren't getting an education and who knows when if ever they will.

Is that something to be proud of Mr. Schultz? Try explaining to it Adrian Bushell and his mother not me.

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