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Friday, December 30, 2005

Wearing Stiletto Heels, dressed in leather and carrying a whip

"Repeat after me," Said a female voice with a heavy German accent. "We must tact."

"We must have tact." The students say.


"We must have tact!"

"Louder!" The teacher then cracks her whip.

"We must have tact!!"

"You swine," The teacher cracks her whip again. "Louder!!!!"

What is this post all about? Has TFM lost his mind or is he having some crazy sexual fantasy?

No I'm just picturing a class at the Buckley School.

I guess you're still clueless. Remember yesterday's Knucklehead Kathleen Parker? Read what it says at the bottom of her Townhall piece from earlier this week. It says- she is director of the School of Written Expression at the Buckley School of Public Speaking and Persuasion in Camden, South Carolina.

Now go to this part of the Buckley School website. Half way down the page it reads-

Tact: nobody enjoys being made a fool of; all instruction is gentle.

My little skit above is how I see Ms. Parker teaching at the Buckley School. Do you understand the title of this post now and what do you think?

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