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Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Knucklehead of the Day award

Picking the final Knucklehead of 2005 wasn't an easy matter. There were at least three good choices available.

Today's winner is Arthur Vanmoor. Mr. Vanmoor who has pleaded no contest to charges he ran a prostitution business here in South Florida, is now being sued by the FDA. The reason? Vanmoor is one of the people who own and run Flu Fighter Corp. and Flu Fighter Laboratories, a company selling cancer and migraine cures on the internet. They promise cures, of course its all fake.

As a cancer survivor I find this despicable. Vanmoor is taking advantage of desperate people, that makes his things alot worse than Knucklehead or 'Pimp' as the Palm Beach Post describes him.(Fox News has also covered this story but I couldn't find the link) For being one of the lowest human beings possible, Arthur Vanmoor is today's Knucklehead of the day.

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After they deported him to Amsterdam last year, South Florida law enforcement officials thought they'd heard the last of Big Pimpin' Pappy.

But Arthur Vanmoor, who pleaded no contest to charges that he ran one of the largest prostitution rings in the Southeast, has been sued by federal officials over his involvement in a Boca Raton company they say is illegally selling drugs online that claim to cure cancer, the flu and migraines.

On Wednesday, federal prosecutors filed suit to shut down three Web sites —, and migraine — that claim to sell FDA-approved drugs. The sites define the FDA as the Fighting Diseases Association.

The federal Food and Drug Administration said in the suit it never approved any of the drugs and has no record of any applications seeking their approval.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Miami could not be reached Thursday for comment.

Vanmoor, 45, is one of six defendants listed in the federal case against Flu Fighter Corp. and Flu Fighter Laboratories, which operate the sites. The Boca Raton address listed for the companies — 22 S.E. Fourth St., No. 219 — is the same mailing address Vanmoor used to run numerous escort services, including Florence Dating Service and Gold Escorts. Those corporations remain active, according to state records.

A hearing is scheduled for Wednesday on the federal injunction.

Sidney Fleischman, Vanmoor's Fort Lauderdale-based attorney, said Thursday his client denies all the charges but declined to elaborate, saying the issues will be addressed at the hearing.

Fort Lauderdale police spent years trying to shut down Vanmoor's call-girl ring, which at one time had more than 50 prostitutes, authorities said at the time. They sent in female undercover detectives, but the women always failed his employment test: He required all applicants to have sex with him, police said.

In July 2004, Vanmoor, a Dutch national, pleaded no contest to charges that he used his escort services as a front for a highly organized prostitution ring that authorities say raked in millions of dollars. He was deported to the Netherlands in October.

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