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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Crystal Ball time

TFM will make some predictions for 2006

1- Justice John Paul Stevens retires from the US Supreme Court. President Bush nominates Janice Rogers Brown to replace him.
2- Elliot Spitzer is elected Governor of New York.
3- John Kerry says he will not run for President in 2008.
4- The Miami Dolphins have a losing season in 2006.
5- The Florida Marlins lose 95 games or more.
6- My cat Tenten goes to heaven and still finds laps to sit in.
7- TFM gives out over 300 Knucklehead awards for the year but not one for having sex with a horse.
8- Charlie Crist is elected Governor of Florida.
9- Bill Nelson is re-elected as one of Florida's two US Senators.
10- The Palm Beach Post editorial board wins at least 5 Knucklehead awards for the year.
11- My wife says I spend too much time blogging or playing chess.
12- Brokeback Mountain wins Best film, Reese Witherspoon Best Actress, Michelle Yeoh Best Supporting Actress.
13- A cast member of Gilligan's Island or Hogan's Heroes passes away.
14- Florida Congressman Robert Wexler wins another Knucklehead award. He has two so far.
15- The NY Times editorializes that the NSA leak investigation is politically motivated.
16- Tampa Bay stuns Indianapolis in the Super Bowl.
17- Michelle Wie wins her first professional golf tourament.(Women's not Men)
18- Se Ri Pak returns to form.
19- Tiger Woods is PGA Player of the year and wins the 2006 US Open at Winged Foot.
20- Joe Paterno announces his retirement.
21- Jack Abramoff/Congressional scandal widens to at least another half dozen Congressman or Senators.
22- ER announces the 06-07 season will be its last.(Long overdue)
23- At least two hurricanes strike Florida but Southeastern Florida is spared.
24- I break at least three glasses.
25- Maureen Dowd falls in love. With a man not herself.
26- The stock market reaches 11,500 before year's end.
27- Gas prices stay about the same as they were at the end of 2005.
28- AOL still fails miserably in trying to block pop-ups.
29- Blogspot goes haywire/has a major outage at least 3 times during the year causing me to lose at least two posts.
30- Another MSM story hoax on the scale of Baby 81 but this time the public finds out the truth. Outrage follows.
31- Judith Miller has a book come out on her part in the Valerie Plame affair. The book draws a lot of media attention but isn't a best seller.
32- US Troop levels in Iraq fall below 100,000.
33- Jeb Bush announces he will not run for President in 2008.
34- VP Dick Cheney is hospitalized for chest pains at least one time. Resignation and sucessor rumors swirl again. Condoleeezza Rice's name figuring most prominently.
35- Japan moves closer to allowing women to suceed to the Chrysantheumun Throne.
36- Nuclear Talks with North Korea continue to go no where.
37- The first major aviation disaster in the US since 2001 happens killing over 100 people.
38- My wife tells me at least once in every week to clean my desk.
39- I reach the 1,000 Correspondence Game lifetime barrier. That's easy, I have 946 at the moment and 60 games on order.
40- Someone in the MSM comes out and accuses the US military of murder.
41- Another DC politician compares our troops to Nazis, Khemer Rogue etc.
42- Terrell Owens signs with the Oakland Raiders.
43- I have at least one friend pass away from Malignant Melanoma.
44- The New York Yankees win the World Series.
45- Another scandal strikes the administration of Philippine President Arroyo. A coup attempt happens shortly afterwards but fails.
46- More Muslim rioting occurs in France or another major European country.
47- My sister-in-law Leonette becomes engaged if not marries before the end of 2006.
48- A bill gets sent to the President with a clause ending automatic birthright citizenship. Bush signs the bill and a legal battle ensues over this clause. It won't be resolved in 2006.
49- Denny Hastert steps down as Speaker of the House.
50- At least half of these predictions are wrong.

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