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Friday, December 16, 2005

The Co-Knuckleheads of the Day Part Two

Our second set of winners are close to home. Today's co-knucklehead winners are 18-year-old Jude Nerelus, Akeem Gaskins, 19, Kissean Henry, 19, and a unnamed juvenile. They get today's award for breaking into the home of West Palm Beach resident Todd Velez. While Mr. Velez was still home.

On the phone with an annoying 911 operator, Mr. Velez when finally seen by these knuckleheads did the sensible thing. He stabbed Mr. Nerelus. With apologies to Guiness beer, these were hardly brilliant criminals.

For being dumb enough to break ng into someone's apartment while the person was there, Jude Nerelus, Akeem Gaskins, Kissean Henry and their juvenile accomplice are today's Co-Knuckleheads of the day.

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WEST PALM BEACH — Todd Velez was getting testy.

Cowering in his living room, he whispered into a phone impatiently. Four tough-looking teens had broken in. They were somewhere inside. The police still weren't there. And the 911 dispatcher was asking irksome questions.

Velez, 40, had called West Palm Beach police 11:30 a.m. Wednesday to report strangers were in his house. A copy of the 911 dispatch tape released Thursday laid out the chilling scenario at his home on 39th Street — and its violent conclusion.

"Why are you whispering?" the dispatcher asked Velez.

"Because they can hear me!"

"What do you think they're doing there?" she asked a moment later.

"They're stealing my stuff! They're in my house!"

"Did they break in?"

"Yes! I called you three times last week."

Velez was growing more agitated as he described the four young men carrying out loot. He couldn't understand why the police hadn't shown up yet. The dispatcher tried to calm him, promising that five cops were on the way.

But they weren't quick enough.

A moment later, the dispatcher heard a scuffle. Then a deep voice screaming expletives.

"I stabbed one! I stabbed one!" Velez said a second later. "He's in the kitchen. I stabbed him."

The burglars ran into the street. Velez stayed inside, watching them from a window. Then they started to run.

"Do you think the guy needs an ambulance?" the dispatcher asked.

"I don't give a (expletive)," Velez hissed back.

"I know, sir. That's my job to do. Not yours."

"Good for you," he said, his voice starting to crack. "You're not doing it very well. I've been waiting a week for you to pull this (expletive) together. I have to do it."

He added: "Now there's blood on my (expletive) knife, too."

As the conversation was ending, police pulled up and quickly nabbed three of the burglars, a spokesman said. The stabbing victim — 18-year-old Jude Nerelus — was driven to St. Mary's Medical Center. His injuries were not life-threatening, and he was arrested, too.

He and the other three — Arkeem Gaskins, 19, Kissean Henry, 19, and a juvenile — were charged with burglary.

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