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Friday, December 23, 2005

ACLU brings pledge lawsuit in Palm Beach County

The ACLU filed a lawsuit yesterday in Federal court against the Palm Beach County School board and two of its employees.

Cameron Frazier won't stand for having to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance. Literally.

Now the 11th-grader at Boynton Beach High School has sued a teacher, an assistant principal and the school board to make sure he doesn't have to stand for, or recite, the pledge.

Frazier, 17, contends that on Dec. 8, his math teacher, Cynthia Alexandre, berated him in front of his classmates when he refused to stand for the pledge. He says he informed her that he hadn't done so since he was in sixth grade.

"See your desk? Now look at mine. Big desk, little desk. You obviously don't know your place in this classroom," Frazier says Alexandre told him. She then called the principal's office, and Assistant Principal Richard Poorman, another school administrator and a school police officer came to the classroom and Cameron was ordered to the principal's office, he says.

It was there, he says, that Poorman handed him a copy of school policy, requiring him to have a parent give written permission for him to abstain from participating in the pledge. Even with that, he still would have to stand during its recitation.

Instead, Frazier, through his mother, Christine Frazier, filed suit in federal court on Thursday naming Alexandre, Poorman and the school district as defendants. The American Civil Liberties Union is representing him.

This lawsuit like this don't surprise me. A minisule, and aggrieved minority of the population takes their greivance to our courts. Sorry but this don't belong in our courts. It should be handled between the mother, son and school board. Making a federal case out of this is utter bs.

The public of course is going to have to pay for this frivilous suit. Lawyers for the county and the other people involved don't work for free.

I was going to give the Fraziers, The ACLU and the Sun-Sentinel today's Knucklehead award but I've found something better. Why the Sun-Sentinel? I read about this lawsuit yesterday at the Sentinel's website.

The Sun-Sentinel is not naming the student because of his age. The boy and his mother could not be reached for comment for this report.

Again the Sentinel for some warped reason wants to protect a group of people. Either minors, seniors or rapists. Frazier brought suit in court, he's gone public so why keep him annonymous?

Message to Cameron Frazier, his mother and the ACLU- Grow up!

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