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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

From the silly news desk

Some news out of Gaza. Hat tip- Bright & Early who thinks terrorist recruiting must be down right now.

Open Post- Don Surber, Jo's Cafe,

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Armed robbers made off with a lion cub and two Arabic-speaking parrots in a recent raid on Gaza's zoo, Palestinian police chief and newspapers said.

Suod al-Shawwa, the zoo's chairman of the board, told Palestinian newspapers four masked gunmen used blankets to try and snatch a pair of lion cubs, but only managed to capture one.

"They wrapped the lion cub in a blanket and took him away," Shawwa said.

He said the Kalashnikov-toting gang first tied the zoo keeper up in a cafeteria and then made their way to the cages, where they also seized the parrots.

Palestinian police chief Ala Husni said forces were investigating the theft and believed the cub and parrots were being concealed in a Gaza hide-out.

Shawwa promised a $1,000 reward to whoever managed to track the animals down.

The small zoo opened last month in the crowded, poverty-stricken coastal strip and is also home to squirrels, monkeys, an ostrich, and some household pets.

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