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Commentary, sarcasm and snide remarks from a Florida resident of over thirty years. Being a glutton for punishment is a requirement for residency here. Who am I? I've been called a moonbat by Michelle Malkin, a Right Wing Nut by Daily Kos, and middle of the road by Florida blog State of Sunshine. Tell me what you think.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Come fly with me......

Or maybe I should say sink. In a week's time I've gone from a Large Mammal to a Flappy bird. I've also lost over 2,000 places in Bear's Rankings. He has a message up that updates are in progress but it seems in order to fix his system so not to count Open trackbacks Bear has instead broke his rankings to the point of silliness. I lose about 45-50 unique links out of a total approaching nearly 200 a week ago and I drop 2,000 spots. Open trackbacks are still being counted and Bear has mucked up his own system. What I think the moral of this tale is is not to take the bear's rankings seriously at all.

I'll stick to trying to build an audience here at TFM. With Knuckleheads, Florida issues, silly news and occasionally pissing people off like I did with this post and this.

Those two posts got me a record amount of comments since I converted to haloscan. If all I wanted was lots of comments, I guess I could continue to be contrarian to what most right of center bloggers think. Then people wouldn't take me credibly. I will continue to state my views even if I'm not taking the popular stance. What would life be like if we all agreed?

TFM turned 6 months old two days ago. I've improved my blogging mechanics considerably since this post.

Wizbang is having the 2005 Weblog awards. Here at TFM we'll be having the Knucklehead awards. For the biggest and worst of 2005. Categories will include Sports&Entertainment, MSM, Politics and our judicial system to name just a few. The winners will be announced the last week of December ending with THE KNUCKLEHEAD(s) of 2005.

There all 100 of you out there have something to look forward to.

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