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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Calling Governor Bush or a Knucklehead followup.

Yesterday I blogged about how DCF which was to give out emergency food stamps to Hurricane Wilma victims had dropped the ball. Despite saying cards would be issued in 7-10 days many people were still missing them.

I did some phone calls yesterday. Called DCF, got a live operator who said I had to talk to someone else, then got transferred and disconnected. Then got another person who told m e I had to call EBT because they were the ones responsible for mailing the cards. Then I called EBT and was told the cards were mailed out November 18th in this particular case. That was 10 days earlier. A supervisor tried to brush this off, slow mail, that it would take 5-7 business days for the post office to deliver them. This knucklehead supervisor went as far as to count business days like Govt. business days not Post Office business days.(Post Office is open saturdays, government is not). The man was in obvious denial and didn't want to be bothered.

So I went and called Governor Bush's office, operator gave me to an assistant who then passed me to a DCF operator, and then to the DCF director's office. They passed the buck further, sending me to EBT. Finally I got someone who could help, her name is Connie Reinhardt. She said anyone approved for Food stamps who hadn't gotten their cards could call and get their number over the phone. Stores can hand input the numbers in place of the swipe card. Ms. Reinhardt did stick to the mailing on November 18th story, but if my friends didn't get their card by tomorrow would Fedex them a replacement.

While this was all going on, I been talking to WPEC Channel 12 and their reporter Suzanne Boyd. They are getting a similiar run around from DCF and I told her just a few minutes ago to follow up with Connie Reinhardt. Other than Channel 12, where is the press on this story? The Palm Beach Post and Sun-Sentinel haven't said a word. I tried contacting reporters there but no one was in the newsroom yesterday.

First people's lives get disrupted by a hurricane, our politicians promise help but then don't fufill it as the bureaucrats and them pass the buck. The MSM in this area for this area doesn't care, and or is too lazy to be bothered. I guess I got a bunch more knuckleheads to pass out soon, starting with Governor Bush. Get off your butt Governor and do something.

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