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Monday, November 21, 2005

Bye Bye Briny Breezes?

The small ocean front town/mobile home park could be no more very soon. Someone wants to buy the small town for a half billion dollars. This would make all its residents millionaires.

If you're not familiar with Briny Breezes, its located on some of Palm Beach County's most prime real estate. It borders on both the intracoastal and t he Atlantic Ocean. Where mansions and large condominiums predominate, a small trailer home park has existed on land the size of a high school campus. Briny Breezes is the second smallest municipality in the county. It was even t he setting for a movie.

No details are known about the deal or who wants to purchase the land. I think its safe to conclude it has to be a developer. It will be sometime before any deal is finalized, several votes, a stock sale and approval from the State of Florida will all have to take place first. My take on the matter is simple- If the residents want to sell their city they should be allowed to do so. I just don't think we need more oceanfront condominiums for if a major hurricane hits Palm Beach County those condos may be no more.

Here is the link to the entire Palm Beach Post article.

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