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Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Florida Masochist Hurricane Wilma Open Trackback festival Part II

As we await the hurricane and the punishment it will inflict here, I've decided to have another trackback festival.

Blogger's note and apology- This morning starting around 10 a.m. Blogspot began going haywire. I was unable to either post new posts or edit existing posts. During this mayhem my original trackback post was lost.

I wasn't the only Blogspot blogger with this problem, three of my favorites Don Surber, John in Carolina and Hooah Wife were experiencing the same.

Before all of this happened at least 6 people connected to my original post, I'm going to post their links below. If any of you read this, re-edit your link to me. I know some of you won't be able to but I won't hold that against you.

Any other trackbacks other than those six are totally lost. Feel free to trackback here.

To those bloggers with Weekend Open trackbacks, I sent a second ping out to your sites with this link now. I wouldn't have done it except for the problems I was having. If you can fix your links to me, I'd appreciate it.

Now the rest is pretty simple, use Wizbang or Haloscan to send your posts to me. My trackback URL is-

Blogspot doesn't have on line trackbacks but I'm going to do this. Bloggers who send trackbacks, I'll update the post on to my front page with a link to the blog post your trackbacked to me. If you want to see an example of how I work this, click here.

All I ask in return is you link to my blog in your post. Any topic is open. The only posts I'll delete are spam or porn posts and trackbacks that don't link to me.

Pretty simple isn't it?. So start sending me those trackbacks. While you're here check out today's knucklehead winner.

Other blogs with Open trackbacks- Jo's Cafe, MVRWC, Wizbang, Cafe Oregano, Mudville Gazette, Cao's Blog, California Conservative, Basil's Blog, Stop the ACLU, Point Five, Outside the Beltway, Soldiers' Angels, Indepundit, One Big Dog, Political Teen, Mac Stansbury, Euphoric Reality, The Blue State Conservative and Bright & Early.


Original 6 links

Don Surber links with Iraqi Semper Liberi
TMH's Bacon Bits links with Saturday Bacon Break
Capital Region People links with The Toxic Friend
Keith D. Milby :: blog links with Democrat's doing great under Dean
California Conservative links with Open Posts: Weekend Edition
Mac Stansbury links with OPEN THREAD-OPEN TRACKBACKS 4
Don Singleton links with Week of milestones

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