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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tom Delay

Unless you been in a cave for 24 hours, you know the House Majority Leader was indicted yesterday in Texas. Delay has also stepped down from his leadership post and been replaced by Roy Blunt of Missouri.

The blogosphere is unsurprisingly lining up by what ideology one holds or what party one supports. Where do I stand? I don't really know. Previously I've expressed my skepticism towards politicians and unfolding corruption scandals. Whether its Democrat or Republican I tend to be a skeptic and believe the charges being made but not always.

The charges against Delay are as complex as the laws. What Dr. Stephen Taylor says at Poliblog pretty much sums up how I feel.

If anything, it seems to me that this whole case will underscore the labyrinthine nature of campaign finance rules and regulations.

Put me down as undecided then. Don't count on me blogging too often on the legal fight that is sure to be coming in the months and years ahead.

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