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Monday, September 19, 2005

Those are some mighty fine tomatoes

Some news from northern Florida. Open Post- Euphoric Reality

Trucker allegedly stashed cocaine worth $3 million among tomatoes
The Associated Press

LIVE OAK, Fla. -- A man hauling a truckload of tomatoes from California was charged with allegedly trying to smuggle more than $3 million of cocaine packed within the cargo and detected by gamma-ray imaging, officials said Monday.

Gabriel Hernandez Ramos, 36, of Oceanside, Calif. remained held Monday at Suwannee County Jail on $4.5 million bond. If convicted of cocaine trafficking, Ramos could face life in prison.

Authorities used the imaging machine to peer into the truck's interior at an agriculture inspection stop along Interstate 10 on Friday, state agriculture commissioner Charles Bronson said. Boxes filled with 243 pounds of cocaine were found at the front of the trailer.

Bronson said officers tried to inspect its cargo and found paperwork irregularities. The imaging machine was then used, which found the cardboard boxes.

A jail official said late Monday that he did not know whether Ramos was being represented by an attorney.

Over the past two years, an estimated $11 million in narcotics, stolen goods and contraband has been seized at the agriculture department's 22 interdiction stations, including $7 million in cocaine.

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