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Friday, September 30, 2005

Paul Krugman hits real low

The NYT columnist is either looking to be a news anchor or terribly bored. Is NY Times select to blame for this patch work column? Any one care to check out all that Mr. Krugman is writing about?

I've made my opinions clear on Senator Frist. Celebrity witnesses are nothing new to Congress, don't like it either way but at least Michael Crichton has a professional and educational background to back him up. I wouldn't argue with what Alan Greenspan said either.

There are two paragraphs that I find troubling.

Last week three men were arrested in connection with the gangland-style murder of Mr. Boulis. SunCruz, after it was controlled by Mr. Kidan and Mr. Abramoff, paid a company controlled by one of the men arrested, Anthony "Big Tony" Moscatiello, and his daughter $145,000 for catering and other work. In court documents, questions are raised about whether food and drink were ever provided. SunCruz paid $95,000 to a company in which one of the other men arrested, Anthony "Little Tony" Ferrari, is a principal.


Tom DeLay, who stepped down as House majority leader after his indictment, once called Mr. Abramoff "one of my closest and dearest friends." Mr. Abramoff funneled funds from clients to conservative institutions and causes. The Washington Post reported that associates of Mr. DeLay claim that he severed the relationship after Mr. Boulis's murder.

Why is Krugman making this connection? I did a search of Washington Post articles, there is none that connects Delay and Boulis together. Just one which mentions Delay's relationship with Abramoff. Guilt by association and based on what? My make the comment except to slander someone? Krugman would shrug it off saying there is no insinuations in what he says. He's just reporting what the Post did. I'm no fan of Dey but I'd say what a crock.

No wonder Paul Krugman was #8 in Bernard Goldberg's book the 100 people screwing up America.

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