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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

More on Rita

Tropical Storm Rita continues tracking westward. She is expected to pass over the southern keys or just to south of it. Rita is also expected to turn into a hurricane soon.

My part of Florida is under a Tropical Storm warning. It felt like it much of last night, we had downpours and gusty wind. Our electricity flickered at least one time before I went to bed. This weather continued till about 6:30 this morning. It stopped raining about then, which enabled me to take a walk around 7:40 this morning.

Today's Sun-Sentinel has an interesting article about this year's storms. They are forming much further west and more rapidly than in past years. No one is quoted blaming it on Global warning. In 1969(the year of Camille) most of the Hurricanes formed in a similar fashion.

Where will Rita go after it passes into the Gulf of Mexico is a guessing game. The cone of possibility takes the storm anywhere from Mexico to Louisiana. New Orleans could be in for another storm. Rita could be a force 3 hurricane by the time it makes landfall.

Pray for the residents of the Florida Keys and everyone living near the Gulf of Mexico. Breakfast- Basil's blog

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