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Monday, September 19, 2005

The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is the group Women's Forum Australia. Not pleased with an event planned for Brisbane named Blokesworld, the group sucessfully protested to the city council and got Blokesworld cancelled. A spokeswoman said the event was degrading to women.

Get a life Women's forum, first because the participants in this Blokesworld are voluntary not forced to do it. Secondly this event pales compared to countries like Nepal. Guys want to have some harmless fun, so save your PC crap.

For having no conception of what is truly degrading, Women's Forum Australia is the Knuklehead of the day.

Monday Special/Open Trackback- Jo's Cafe and Mudville Gazette

SYDNEY, (AFP) - Australian feminist groups claimed victory after an event featuring lingerie pillow fighting and topless bull-machine riding was cancelled by Brisbane city authorities.

The "Blokesworld Live" event, a spinoff of a late-night television show, had been promoted in the east-coast city for Saturday and Sunday as "the ultimate weekend for the bloke of the species".

But the advertisements prompted protests from feminist groups, and Brisbane City Council made a last-minute decision Friday not to grant organisers an entertainment license.

The group Women's Forum Australia said the show was demeaning to women and that the council had bowed to pressure from protestors.

"It's time to declare zero tolerance against men who treat women like recreational sex toys," spokeswoman Katrina George told the news agency AAP.

A council spokesman denied the event had been cancelled on moral grounds, but Renee Eaves, the managing director of the event's featured dancers, the "Flirtmodels", said she believed the council had caved in.

"The council just felt so much pressure from these feminist groups they just managed to find a loophole," she told AAP.

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