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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Zogby International- Where for art thou?

Blogger Don Surber notes the curious absence of polling on the 2006 West Virginia Senatorial race. Robert Byrd is facing his most serious re-election fight ever from Republican Shelley Moore Capito. Zogby International has polling data on 25 of next year's 33 Senatorial races but none for West Virginia so far. That's interesting because the Byrd-Capito already appaears to be one of the most critical races for the next election cycle.

I don't see anything sinister behind Zogby's lack of coverage. If you forgot, Zogby was perhaps the biggest cause of last year's exit poll debacle. They were way off in predicting how states would fare in the Bush-Kerry election. Some people speculated back then if Zogby's figures were off due to a prevalence for polling in urban rather than rural areas. West Virginia is mostly rural and this may be the cause of Zogby's current inattentiveness to this important 2006 race. To be honest, I don't give much credence to polls done this early. There is just too much time till election day.

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