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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Palm Beach County Knucklehead of the Day

There are so many knuckleheads out there today for me to write about.

Our local winner is Palm Beach County Commissioner Adele Greene. She gets the local award for her recent comments regarding the shooting of Jerrod Miller and the Grand Jury decision to not charge Delray Beach Police Officer Darren Cogoni in the death.

I blogged about this story before. A inquest ordered by the State Attorney Barry Krischer had determined charges should be filed but the feckless Mr. Krischer sent the case back to a Grand Jury. I still don't agree with that decision.

There is a long catalog of mistakes in the entire Miller-Cogoni affair but Commissioner Greene is only fanning the fires and looking for trouble. Here are her two of her most insane statements.

First she'd advise black teens to be careful when approached by law enforcement. "I'll them him to run and find the biggest crowd of people. If he doesn't, he will be killed. We in Palm Beach County are living in the days of the Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia lynchings."

The end comment is outrageous enough. But the idea of suggesting teens to run from the police borders on the insane. That's what Miller did, and look what happened.

Then yesterday Greene held a press conference to clarify her comments. Law enforcement officials from the county showed up to protest and the conference turned into a ugly shouting match. You can read the entire Palm Beach Post story here.

At a news conference, Greene was met by members of the Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association who said she was "preaching hate," was a racist and was disrespectful to members of law enforcement. They wore T-shirts that said "Addie Must Resign," shouted comments and chanted "Resign. Resign. Resign."

Afterward, Greene flatly rejected their demands and said their behavior was rude and disrespectful: "The only thing they left at home was the sheet."

Ms. Greene just further proves what her accusers say about her. I predict Ms. Greene won't resign from office nor will she be defeated for re-election. I feel sorry for her constituents, they have a Knucklehead for a County Commissioner. Then I think most of Palm Beach County does. I'll save that for another time.

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