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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Maybe I should have just walked it there

I don't write about my correspondence chess games too often here. This will be an exception.

At the moment I have 132 games going. Most are played by snail mail. I'm willing to play any game by email but most CC players still prefer the postcard route.

I live in Lantana Florida. Most of Boca Raton is less than twenty miles from my home. I have a player in Boca named Albert Rothaus. On July 26th I mailed a postcard to him. Care to take a guess when he got it?

AUGUST 18th!!!!!!

I could have walked to Boca Raton and back multiple times. Do they ever wonder why more people use email every day?

If not for Pat Robertson, the US Post Office would have been today's knucklehead winner. I got a feeling they will get another shot at it sooner or later.

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