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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Palm Beach Post Ombudsman CB Hanif

Earlier this month I chronicled the bias and lack of journalistic integrity at the Palm Beach Post. You can re-read the whole affair of a Cervical cancer editorial here, here and here.

The post of July 15th is still valid. While the Post published a correction in their print edition, no one has gone and corrected the website. The erroneous statistics can still be found, one time in the Post' paid archives but also here in their free blog archives.

So why hasn't the Post fixed their website? It's not like they don't know about it. Mr. Schultz the editor of the Editorial page has known so since July 13th. Not getting any action from Mr. Schultz, I informed the paper's ombudsman C B Hanif. We spoke on the phone and I emailed him afterwards. That was on July 22nd. He hasn't seen it fit to fix the mistakes on the Post website.

How does one rank a newspaper's integrity when the Editor and ombudsman don't correct the paper's mistakes? I think you would rank it very low and its sorry proof of how low the Palm Beach Post has sunk.

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