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Thursday, March 08, 2007

They must not get out much

An editorial from the Korea Times-

We are surprised at the survival power of the sex industry. It was shocking to hear that a host of massage parlors employing prostitutes are thriving in downtown Seoul even though a strong anti-prostitution law is in force. The law is so strong as to put brothel owners in prison for up to 10 years with a maximum fine of 100 million won. But some of the massage parlors earn about 10 billion won ($10.3 million) a year.

According to police who recently cracked down on the brothels, people who frequented such places included lawyers, professors and other leading figures of society. This shows the shameful reality of our sex morals. It was three years ago when a stringent anti-prostitution law was passed to crush the sex trade once and for all. However, the recent clampdown indicates the widening gap between reality and the law.

The move by government to restrain human desire by stringent law has proved ineffective. The law was able to remove the red light areas from people’s sight. But prostitution prospered in massage parlors, sports massage centers and other places. The brothels that used to exist in certain regions have infiltrated residential and office areas.
All classes of men, from truck drivers to famous politicians have used hookers since........since about day 500 in the history of mankind. There are always some men who can't get enough, can't get it at all, or just want some variety. The ones that are far removed from reality are the KT's editorial writers. Does Randy Schultz and the Palm Beach Post editorial board have some cousins in South Korea?

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